Cats can’t eat everything that we can!

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Cats can’t eat everything that we can!

There are foods which cats should not have, as they can provoke serious health problems and even death.

A list of foods dangerous to cats

- tinned tuna (can provoke kidney problems and cardiac problems, as it’s too salty and lacks taurine, if your cat likes tuna give him vetinary products, which are enriched with taurine)

- grapes (can provoke acute renal failure)

- onions, chives, garlic (can provoke anaemia as they contain sulphur derivatives which can damage red blood cells)

- chicken bones (they can splinter, and the fragments can perforate organs)

- egg white (contains avidin, which destroys biotin, vitamin B8)

- dairy products (too rich in lactose and too fatty)

- avocado (contains a toxic element called persin which can damage the heart, the lungs, and other tissues)

- chocolate (contains theobromine which is dangerous for the heart)

- ham and fatty meats (too rich in lipids, can provoke pancreatic disease, and are also too salty,which can be harmful)

macadamia nuts (contains a toxin)

- raw potatoes and their peelings (contains calcium oxalate, an insoluble ionic crystal that’s very dangerous for the urinary tract)

- mushrooms (can cause serious liver problems and neurological imbalance)

- chestnuts (contains tannins)

- sweet chestnuts (causes bloating)

pastry and raw bread ( as the dough rises in the stomach, alcohol is produced)

- caffeine (accelerated cardiac rhythm which can provoke fatal heart attacks)

- alcohol (can provoke cardiac and nervous symptoms)

Know that there exists an antidote: CAPA OUEST. In case of emergency you can call them, telling them the product, the quantity ingested, the weight of your animal, and they will tell you if the dosage represents a potential risk or not.

You can call them on : (0033) 2 40 68 77 40 (France)


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