Dép urgently needs a family

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A very good piece of news! With all my efforts and all the love I have for this cat, he’s now better! I gave him his antibiotic for 3 weeks and of course I continued the naturopathy: spirulina, tonivit, probiotics, trace elements, milk thistle …

He eats well (dry food, meat, tins) drinks well and no longer has diarrhoea :) Sometimes he still vomits though.

Unfortunately when he wasn’t well (fever, weakness…) I didn’t continue his ringworm treatment, I preferred to leave him be, and focus on the much more serious health problems rather than the ringworm which has now reappeared. :(

Now that he’s getting better he can’t stand being closed up in his room. He’s often at the door meowing desperately. This little love needs a family as quickly as possible, I’m afraid he will fall into a depression.

He needs a family which doesn’t already have cats, or who has enough space to give him a section of the house/apartment to himself. It’s also conceivable to put him with cats that are carriers of the same virus as him, or who are in very good health and vaccinated against FeLV (knowing that the vaccine doesn’t work 100%!). Of course he needs someone who knows about cats and who will be able to look after him.

It’s very important that you know he’s an incredible cat! He let’s you take care of him, he doesn’t bite or scratch. I gave him injections with an enormous needle to hydrate him, I gave him big pills directly by mouth, now I give hi baths for ringworm and he lets himself be handled very easily without any problem. He’s an extraordinarily gentle cat. Soft, calm, huggable and intelligent! When his fur grows back he will be magnificent, a truly majestic lion!

As you can read in his story as I’ve told it to you, this cat has had serious health problems, but he fought like a lion and recovered. Now he doesn’t want to be closed up in a room anymore, he wants to live, and finally be happy with somebody who can give him lots of love.

We are now on the 19th of September and I’d like to give you fresh news of the little lion.

For the ringworm I started the Fulviderm tablets again, I also bathe him in Imaveral, his fur is regrowing nicely and he doesn’t scratch himself any longer :)I think that he’s almost better!

His general condition is stable. Given the FeLV I give him a spirulina tablet every day to give him a bit of iron, vitamins, minerals, and a tablet a day of Omega 3, to strengthen his cardio-vascular system. And what goes without saying, he’s given high quality food (meat and dry cat food).

So as to verify the efficacy of the treatment, I bought Dép an ultra-violet light bulb, which detects ringworm.

Here’s a photo from 3 weeks ago which clearly shows the presence of ringworm, today he’s no longer fluorescent! So Adieu to the ringworm! ;)Yeyyyyy!

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