Diarrhea in cats

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Possible causes of diarrhoea in cats

- sudden change of food

- your cat has eaten something that isn’t good for him (indigestion)

- he has absorbed dangerous products (plants, chemical products…)

- stress

- imbalance of the intestinal flora (antibiotics…)

- intestinal parasites

- inflammatory disease

- virus

- tumour

How to deal with a case of diarrhea

You can put your cat on a diet for 24 h, but put out lots of fresh water for him, as diarrhoea is dehydrating.

After 24h give him food again in very small quantities, you should not overload the stomach. You can give him dry cat food or a bit of well cooked chicken breast.

Which natural products can be used?

Green or white clay :  about a little teaspoon for a litre of water, mix it up and leave it to stand for a few hours, the powder will go to the bottom of the container, the cat should drink the water and not the powder.

Probiotics (vet speciality) : they are used in the treatment of acute or chronic diarrhoea. They re-establish a good microbial flora, assist with protein assimilation, and boost the immune system.

 Meanwhile if the diarrhoea persists consult your vet, as it can be a sign of a serious illness.


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