Grass for cats

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Grass has digestive virtues, and helps the cat to purge.

You could buy it, but you could also take a nice nature walk and bring back a lovely present for your cat: fresh grass.

Warning, you should take grass from an area far from pollution, far from a road.

There’s only one kind of grass that cats love, so how do you find it? It’s not difficult: you take a strand of the grass and run it past your finger to see if the grass is rough, and also if you cut it in two then a fresh odour should emerge. Take it back to yours and put it in a pot, it should be tightly packed so that the bouquet holds, and if you want it to last longer put it in water, or in a pot with soil.

You can also buy wheat and barley seeds to germinate.Take a pot, fill it with soil and sow the seeds, after about 6 days you will have beautiful shoots to treat your cat with.

Barley Germ contains: vitamins, enzymes and trace elements.

Wheat Germ contains: mineral salts, trace elements, vitamins, essential amino acids.



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