The stray cats of my quarter

I don’t only look after the cats in my house…

I will now present to you the neighbourhood tribe of cats. It all started around 4 years ago. When I moved to this area, I very quickly became aware of several wild cats outside my apartment block. Of course I started to give them a bit of something to eat. At first I did it when I saw them at my window, and then it became a routine. Every evening I went down to where they were waiting for their meal. There were about 6 of them. One day I decided to go for a longer walk with my dog, and quite far from my building I saw a tiny kitten that was dragging a fish almost its size! There was another young cat trying to steal the fish, the kitten growled, and hurried to take the fish into a quiet corner so that he didn’t have to share. The poor kitten would surely have trouble eating his meal, which was probably chucked out of somebodys window- it was raw and too big for the kitten to be able to eat. I quickly hurried back to find some of my cats dry food (I only had one at the time). The poor starving kittens threw themselves upon the food, and I was happy when they were no longer hungry.

Help! A group of 30 stray cats…

Charlie, a stray cat living just outside my house. Unfortunately, he is too wild to be adopted.

Charlie, a stray cat living just outside my house. Unfortunately, he is too wild to be adopted.

Charlie, a cat who’s always lived outside

I returned regularly to feed them, and I soon became aware that there were not only 2, but plenty more! Around 30 cats! So I contacted an animal protection society to ask for help: to stop their proliferation, to identify them, and feed them…

Castration, sterilisation, identification have begun…

Almost all the females were pregnant. I needed to catch them quickly so that a vet could carry out abortions. It was very hard for me psychologically! But against such a large number of cats, and people who wanted to hurt them, there were no other solutions! Of course in the meantime, there were some females who gave birth. They had their kittens in the basement which there was no access to, and the kittens poked their little noses outside when they were about two months old! They were truly wild, having lacked any human contact! One evening I found a dead kitten, I think that someone killed it. Unfortunately in this quarter there are some heartless people! I even once saw children amusing themselves by throwing heavy things out of their windows, aiming at the kittens down below! What a disgrace! The kittens were in danger, and I needed to find them adoptive homes as soon as possible! I continued to nourish the mothers, and look for families for the kittens. It wasn’t a simple task to find someone who wanted to take in such wild cats. Happily all the kittens found families who were able to socialise them.

Some of the outdoor cats found a home in my home  :-)

Today, after 3 years I continue to look after the stray cats of my quarter.

To trap the cats I use traps, a scoop, a box and sometimes my own hands, with gloves of course ;-)

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