Cats are very particular animals!

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If you think that cats are special animals, then this compilation of 20 of their singularities is sure to make you smile.


The article appeared in a blog called “Para Ellas“ , and was originally written in the language of Cervantes. Entonces, those who would prefer to read it in the original, ¡Adelante!

Domestic cats are becoming more and more popular in urban areas, and even if they’ve been by our sides for more than 9500 years, we still don’t know a lot about them. Here is a lists of facts and anecdotes that won’t fail to surprise you, and help you to get better acquainted with these adorable animals.

1) Cats can make up to a 100 different sounds, while dogs can articulate only ten.

2) Cats wash themselves immediately after eating. It’s a survival reflex, the aim being to avoid predators sensing the food and attacking them.

3) A study recently showed that in the United States people spend more money a year on cat food than on baby food.

4) People with cats live longer, are less stressed and have less cardiac problems.

5) Just as humans have unique patterns on their finger prints, cats have these patterns on their noses.

6) Cats and humans have the same regions of the brain dedicated to emotions.

7) Cats are more attentive to women than men, as they respond better to a higher pitched voice.

8) In ancient Egypt, killing a cat was considered a crime, and was punished with the death penalty.

9) The cat can jump to a height up to seven times his size.

10) The oldest cat in the world lived to 36.

 11)When a cat lifts his tail and keeps it up straight, that means he’s happy to see you.

12) If a cat licks your hands, face or hair, he considers you both to be a “couple”. It’s a big compliment!

13) Cats can run at speeds of up to 35 km/h.

14) Cats have 24 bones more than humans, and their heart beats twice as fast as ours do.

15) Cats can hear sounds two octaves higher than humans can.

16) Tortoiseshell cats are nearly always female.

17)Aspirin is toxic to cats!

18)The ancestor of the domestic cat is the wild African cat.

19) Cats nostrils have 19 million nerve endings, while humans have only 5 million.


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