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Dry cat food: is it a good solution for our cats?

Dry cat food often contains too much starch and gluten,  and very little meat. Cats are true carnivores and they need food that is rich in quality animal proteins.

If you opt for dry cat food, know its composition, and choose those that are best suited to your cat. Dry cat food consisting mostly of cereals is not good for your cats health, so I advise you to avoid them at any cost. The dry food must contain as much animal protein as possible, preferably fresh dehydrated meat protein.

It’s preferable not to keep changing brands, as we risk disturbing our cats little stomachs, they need food that is balanced and consistent.

So as not to deny the cats true nature: fresh raw meat.

And if you don’t want to deny the true nature of your cat, and you want to respect his physiology, you can nourish him with nothing but raw meat.

Cats are carnivores, and this fact is too often forgotten by their masters.

Here are some examples to prove that the cat is a true carnivore:

- the acidity of the cats stomach: pH inferior or equal to 1

- saliva : acidic, underdeveloped saliva glands, no ptyalin

- canines : very long, strong, and large

- liver : easily breaks down uric acid and vitamin A

- jaw : vertically mobile (for tearing, piercing)

- jaw muscles : temporal muscle

- urine : acidic

- urease : presence of urease (breaks down uric acid in meat)

- colon : short, simple and smooth

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Some personal advice for if you decide to feed your cat with nothing but raw meat

It’s preferable to give your cat white meat, rather than red meat. You can give your cat white meat which is better suited to him (chicken, turkey, rabbit) but you can also give a bit of red meat(beef, duck). The muscles of this meat can be cut into little cubes, but if your cat has health problems (mouth diseases) and chewing is difficult for him, you can mince up the meat. I also recommend giving cats little pieces of meat with bones (chicken wings, quail…) which allows them to clean the plaque from their teeth, and gives them the nutrients that they need. It is essential to know that you must never give cooked bones to your cat, as they become breakable and pointed! They must always be raw! It’s very important that the raw meat is fresh, and of high quality, preferably organic or at least free-range.

You can also give fish to your cat. The best are the fatty ones, like sardines, mackerel and salmon as they’re rich in omega 3, a natural anti-inflammatory.  You should buy them fresh or frozen, raw and then cook them before giving them to your cat. Don’t give tinned fish or crustaceans that you find in the supermarket. Be careful with cats who have pancreatic problems, in this case favour the less fatty fish.

Cats adore natural tuna, only tinned tuna isn’t good for their health, it contains too much salt which can instigate serious problems: cystitis, malfunctioning of the kidneys, cardiac problems. You can however buy fresh raw tuna, which you then cook before giving to your cat.

If you opt for industrial wet food

If you buy wet food get very high quality tins: the brands Real Nature, Almo Nature seem to me to be very good quality.

If your cat is troubled by gingivitis and can no longer eat dry food, and quality tins are too expensive for you, you can mix fresh raw meat with a little bit of cooked veg (carrots, courgettes), and a very small amount of vermicelli (organic). You can also add this to cooked fish. You can proceed in the same fashion if your cat has a kidney problem and can’t eat protein-rich wet food.

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